Private Equity

We invest in multiple industries, with a special interest in diversification in the invested sectors. We consistently focus on companies with a competitive edge and real underlying opportunities for growth.

SEII looks for promising investment opportunities, specifically companies that have just started operation or ones that are in the early stages of growth. We work on providing these companies with the optimal funding structure for their specific work plans. Hence, we as shareholders and board of directors, become effective partners in directing the development of our own investment portfolio.

Our consistent involvement in our investments leads to significant performance improvement, which in turn results in a higher value for our shareholders.

When evaluating opportunities for investments, we look for managerial competence able to unlock the potential of the company via assessing the history of each investment’s management team and evaluating their ability to face new challenges and their commitment to success.

SEII is committed to the effective follow-up of every investment deal, providing the best funding options for each stage, and expanding the investment’s managerial and administrative capabilities to aptly support its business.