In 1975, the Saudi-Egyptian Industrial Investment (SEII) was established in the Egyptian community. SEII’s objective is to create added value for the Egyptian economy and to become an effective partner in Egypt’s economic development. SEII aims to achieve its objective through investing in the Egyptian industrial sector while upholding the highest professional standards.

What We Offer

Private Equity

We invest in multiple industries, while preserving a robust diversification strategy across invested sectors. We consistently focus on companies with a competitive edge and real underlying opportunities for growth.

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Services & Consultations

SEII offers a range of consultation services for the companies in which it invests in order to provide them with all elements of success and to achieve the highest possible value for shareholders.

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Core Values

SEII’s business and relationships with its partners are governed by a set of values, which also extends to its shareholders and staff. These values match up with the company’s vision and mission

Our investments

Our diversification strategy makes our investment portfolio include a wide array of industrial sectors.

Each investment should not exceed 25% of SEII’s total investments.

SEII prefers to own at least 33% of the invested company’s shares

The preferred size of the target equity investment is around EGP 250 million.

SEII looks for investment opportunities either at start up or expansion stages.

The typical retention period for our investment until exit ranges between 3 and 5 years.

SEII prefers to have financial control over companies in which it invests.

SEII is currently focusing on opportunities within the F&B, pharmaceutical and medical supplies industries.