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October Pharma

Established in 1987, October Pharma is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company. SEII initially invested EGP 4 million in 1990, increasing its stake to 20%, then once again re-injected capital into the company in 2017, bringing its total stake to 25%. October Pharma’s net profit for 2017 came in at EGP 56 Million, a 60% year-over-year hike.


Arco Steel is one of the heavy industries companies that manufacture alloy and carbon steel. SEII currently owns 6.3% of Arco Steel’s EGP 346 million share capital. The company, however, is currently facing financial burdens due to an intellectual property conflict.

Arab Medical Packing Co. (Flexipack)

Arab Medical Packaging Co. (FLEXIPACK) commenced operations in 1986, focused on the production of flexible packaging materials used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. SEII holds a 12.1% of the company. FLEXIPACK’s net profit for 2017 came in at EGP 8 Million, a 79% year-over-year hike.

Misr Compressor Manufacturing- ZMC

Misr Compressor Manufacturing (ZMC) is a company specialized in manufacturing compressors for refrigeration and air-conditioning industries. SEII owns 9.4% of the company’s EGP 118.5 million share capital. ZMC’s estimated net profit for 2017 gravitates around EGP 25 Million, up from EGP 15 Million in 2016, a 66.7% year-over-year hike.

Farcomake for Advanced Medical Industries

Farcomake is a company that manufactures medical disposables. Currently, Farcomake aims to build a new factory to manufacture dialysis fistulas. SEII decided to acquire a 38% stake of the company’s capital. The agreement has been signed between both parties, awaiting necessary procedural legalities.

At Farcomake, are we still waiting for the necessary procedural legalities or its done already? i.e.

Alexandria Company for Petroleum Additives (ACPA)

Alexandria Company for Petroleum Additives (ACPA) is a manufacturer in the petrochemical industry. It manufactures petroleum additives, lubricants, drilling chemicals, and lubricant additives among other petrochemical products. The company started its operations in 2004 and began production in 2005. SEII currently owns 8% of the company’s share capital. ACPA’s estimated net profit for 2017 gravitates around EGP 10 Million, up from EGP 8.5 Million in 2016.